TAGGED! Stolen Things. (Summary)

The invasion of RFID into the everyday life is proceeding obviously without the public noticing it, however. Meanwhile the opinions of specialists are very oppositional: while on the one hand it is praised as an important profit promising innovation in the field of industry, privacy advocates demonize RFID as a threat for society.

The art installation “TAGGED!” aims to raise the awareness for the still widely unknown RFID technology in public and to initiate the participation in the public discussion about RFID. The installation has a narrative approach in order to entertain the audience and to offer the possibility of a value-free own experience.

It consists of a large shelf and tagged everyday objects in it. When one of the objects is placed in the central empty cubicle of the shelf, the linked information consisting of picture, movieclip, sound or music collages are being displayed on the screen above.

All objects have a common background, because they all have been stolen by the same lady, who now proudly presents her “trophies”. Each object gives a hint about where how or why it has been stolen. Spending more time exploring the stories, one is able to draw conclusions about the thief’s personality and her criminal career.

Last but not least, the work is strongly playing with irony as traditionally RFID is used as an anti-theft device at retail, while the protagonist of this installation “misuses” it for the documentation and categorization of her personal stolen goods.

Merz Akademie, Stuttgart, 08./09.07.2005
MediaSpace05, Stuttgart, 20.-23.10.2005

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